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Fire Damage Restoration

Whether you have fire damage that only affects a partial room or fire damage involving the whole house, it is important to leave the fire restoration to the pros.

Our Process

What you can expect from our detailed fire damage restoration

Inspection & Damage Assessment 

Our team of specialists will carefully inspect your home or company to determine the extent of damage and create a plan of action.

Smoke, Soot, Water Removal & Demo

Using our specialized equipment, we will begin removing smoke, soot, and water damage from all surfaces. 


The final step is getting your home or company to its pre-fire condition. This may involve minor or major repairs.

Secure Foundation

To prevent any more damage our team will: 

  • Board up windows

  • Tarp damaged roofs 

  • Plug up holes

Cleaning & Drying 

Any item that can be restored will be cleaned and sanitized. We do everything in our power to restore your
belongings to its natural state before the fire.

Residential. Commercial. Disaster

It happens more often than we all think. An emergency fire hits your home and your family must deal with the residual effects of some serious damage. Now, you must place your family’s wellbeing in the hands of one of the many fire restoration contractors out there. Whether it’s a commercial or residential fire damage cleanup for your home, we will get you back on your feet no matter the extent of the fire damages!

House fire damage restoration is the standard service ALL fire restoration offer homeowners. However, fire damage repair consists of a lot more effort than remediation. Fire damages can often be so intense that the fire restoration requires much more than cleaning fire soot. After a thorough free property inspection, we may determine that a roof repair or replacement, window replacements, or structural foundation repairs are all necessary to get your house fully restored. Beyond that, water damage restoration, drying, smoke removal, and cleaning/sanitizing are all a part of the emergency fire damage remediation and repair process.

Fire and smoke go hand-in-hand. If you recently experienced fire damages to your home, chances are you also need to clean residual smoke damage too. Smoke damage can do more than just leave residual stains—it can also be damaging to health and can leave horrible odors. We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to get homes back to pre-fire conditions using comprehensive smoke and soot removal services. If you’re dealing with the residual effects of smoke from a fire, handling the removal must be a top priority after a fire of any size. For the safety of your family and any loved ones in the home, you have to get the smoke out ASAP.


The sooner you get in contact with us to handle your soot removal services and smoke remediation, the sooner you will get peace of mind! 

Whether you need residential or commercial fire damage repair, our fire restoration process starts with a phone call. After we inspect and test your home in the initial free property inspection, we determine the extent of the fire damages and develop a plan of action. From there, we will take the right course of action to get your home back to pre-fire condition!

For more information on our fire restoration contractor services, get in touch with us today.

Fire Damage Emergency?

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